Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Man .

there is a man who loves you ,
he loves you with all his heart ,
he follows you around like a shadow everyday ,
he smiles to the world but is hurting inside ,
how much longer he should ?
look at you alone and continue ..
this overwhelming love , this all consuming love ,
how much longer will it take for you to love him ?
just a little closer to him , he want you to be with him , but you pull away .
that man is in pain whenever he is with you ,
because ... he loves u .
that man's mind is full of sadness cause he has to keep his feeling to himself .
he just want to be loved by u ,his heart always cried for you ,
that man still waiting for you .
do you know that man is me ?
you're pretending not to are you ?
you mybe not know cause you're fool .

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